The Good Reads Page

I’ve created a Good Reads page. Who cares what books I recommend? Well, after two-and-one-half tours of the higher educational system, I’ve earned degrees in the Philosophy of Science and Religious Studies, as well as most of a degree in Computer Information Systems. (We all have to earn a living, right?) After all these credit hours, I’d like to think I’ve read enough books to make at least a few good recommendations. So, check out the list, and let me know if it’s missing anything essential.

After admitting my degree in Religious Studies, some folks might be surprised at the scarcity of books about religion on the Good Reads page. I’ve left out my recommendations on religion, given its reputation as a sore subject here in the U.S.A. If there’s enough interest in my peculiar opinions on the matter, I’ll think about changing that. Otherwise, all Creeds are capable of Pressing Olives, so I’m not sure we need to broach the subject to be successful here.

I’m working a series of articles about on “How to Press Olives”, so grab a Good Read and stay tuned.


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